Made in Unity 2D for Global Game Jam 2019

Game Description:

Hermit crabs don't possess a hard carapace like other crabs, and as such need to re-purpose discarded bivalve shells for protection and comfort. In our game, an alien, robotic hermit crab-like creature is attempting to turn an entire planet into its home, using local plants to build shells that will then be used to spread its influence over the environment around it, leaving it ultimately safe, protected and alone. The planet will react to this intrusion by producing guardian beasts around depleted areas,. These guardians are undefeatable foes that will attempt to swarm the hermit crab and halt its ever-growing corruption. 

The player controls the crab through its cycle of growth: first collecting plants as base material to grow a new shell when protected, being mostly hidden from enemies until it gets too close; then shedding its shell, slowly spreading its influence over the terrain around it, and becoming temporarily vulnerable and hunted by the planet's protectors until the new shell is grown. When over 90% of the planet's terrain has been taken over, the crab can merge with it all and make it its permanent shell. 

Game Aim:

To make the environment your new home.

You do this by dropping your shell into the environment enough times to reach over 90% corruption.

Once you drop your shell you need to wait for it to regrow. During this state you are faster, but also more vulnerable. Once your shell grows collect more resources again to drop the shell again. You need 5 resources (as seen in the bottom HUD as green 'eggs') in order to drop your old shell and build a new one.


Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys

Drop Shell (carrying shell) - Left Shift

Dash (not carrying shell) - Left Shift 

Reload game - R

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